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The Oddville Press is a quarterly publication created by a team obsessed with showcasing imaginitive, compelling and evocative work by the most talented and hungry in the creative community.

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Issue Release

Winter 2021

The issue features artwork by Daniel Forbes, Joe Laguna and Ray Marrero; Poetry by Claire Van Winkle, William Welch, George Kramer, Jim Reynolds, Arlyn LaBelle, Sophia Vesely, Zachary Kluckman, John Grey, Zachary Kluckman, Tohm Bakelas and Timothy Robbins; and short stories by Thomas Bulen Jacobs, Michael Overa, John Mara, Tim Frank, Mark Jacobs, and Mike Hickman.

Book Review

By Contributing Editor Kristin Lord

Dead Eyes is “slasher horror at its finest.” Stoker Award nominee EV Knight has “staged a horrifying scene marrying the atrocities of Jim Jones and Jeffrey Dahmer.”

Check out Kristin Lord’s review this fast-paced mystery/thriller.

Cover Artist

Daniel Forbes’ work explores the complicated territories of gender, identity, psychology, ritual, fetishism, and the extraordinary body. His collage, Some Assembly Required, graces the cover of Oddville’s Spring 2021 issue.